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For Garden’s Sake has been North Carolina’s source for locally grown plants and expert knowledge since 1999.

Experience For Garden's Sake

FGS is situated on a beautiful 20-acre site right on the Durham/ Chatham county line.

Our Garden Center boasts 2 ponds brimming with ducks, goats for our guests to feed, and even a solar chicken coop. We offer everything you need to enhance your landscape and garden. We are truly a one stop for plants, trees, landscape design, and lawn maintenance services. So whether you’re looking to plant a single tree or you need help designing and landscaping your residential or commercial property, the professionals at FGS are available to serve you.

The History…

FGS was originally started by Chapel Hill resident JoAnn Davis. It is now owned and operated by Scott and Marsha Pearce who have managed the day to day operations since 2010.

Meet Our Team

Administrative Team

Scott Pearce


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Marsha Pearce

Vice-President/Owner & Inside Sales

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Hannah Kienow

Executive Assistant & HR

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Shannon Yoder

Accounting Manager

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Sydney Johnson

Events and Marketing

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John Jull

Property Maintenance

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Caleb Roncaglione


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Landscape Team

Doug Barnes

Lead Landscape Designer

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Billy Balton

Landscape Designer

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Jack Meyers

Landscape Division Director

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Shawn McGann

Landscape Project Manager

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Josh Holt

Landscape Foreman

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Viridian Sanchez

Landscape Operations Assistant & Purchasing

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Jacks Pearce

Landscape Purchasing Assistant

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Lisa Hofbauer

Sales & Client Care Admin

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Lawn Maintenance Team

Dylan Sechler

Lawn Maintenance Manager

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Andrew Barnes

Lawn Maintenance Field Supervisor

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AmberLeigh Blevins

Client Care Lead

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Garden Center Team

Mariah Jefferson

Garden Center Manager

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Morgan Pavelsky

Garden Center Administrative Assistant

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Amber Smithson

Annuals/Perennials Department Lead

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Joey Pierce

Houseplants Department Lead

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Judy Rosenberger

Houseplants Department Assistant & Plant Coach

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Sunshine Jull

Trees/Shrubs Department Lead

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Teresa Worthington

Trees/Shrubs Department Assistant

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Caro Metzler

Pottery and Hardgoods Department Lead

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Sean Swanson

Garden Center Grounds

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Interested in joining our team?

Do you love working with a team that works hard, but likes to have fun at the same time? Working here allows you to enjoy a beautiful, natural environment every day. At FGS, we prioritize caring for our employees as much as we do caring for our customers. You will feel like a part of the FGS community, and you are given opportunities to train, learn, and improve your skill set in any of our divisions.

Would you be the perfect fit for one of these positions?

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As this year comes to a close, I am so thrilled we have ended it with the final phase of our landscape design.

Doug has yet again worked his magic. His designs incorporated so many plants from my childhood, memories of my parents and grandparents. Friends bring friends to see our backyard gardens. We have gotten so many compliments on the front yard as well. All are looking forward to seeing it flourish. Jack was amazing. He was here making sure everything was done correctly, and when he didn’t think something was right he jumped in to help, even helping dig the dry creek bed by hand. Thank you. So much. That this special place I first knew with Mrs. Davis back in 1999 has made my garden dreams come true means everything to me.”

– Katherine B.