We LOVE our Daddy Pete’s products!  They make an amazing product line of soils and compost that are the best in the industry, in our humble opinion.  But we understand knowing what type of soil mix is best can be a little daunting and overwhelming.  Our FGS Plant Sales Associate, Courtney, walked me through each type of soil what it is best used for!  

Daddy Pete’s Potting Mix

Use this for planting pots or containers, indoor or outdoor.  We do have other mixes you can use for specific type of houseplants, but we have found this mix generally does well with houseplants.  Whether you are planting a container for the first time or just adding some fresh soil, we recommend using this mix. Annuals and perennials do really well in this mix when planted in pots or containers.  

Daddy Pete’s Lawn and Garden Soil

The Lawn and Garden soil is a great choice for general top soil needs, whether you are filling holes or building up areas around your garden.  This mix can be used in raised beds, but we recommend using the specific Raised Bed mix.  


Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix

The Raised Bed mix is similar to the Lawn and Garden Mix, but it has perlite which helps to prevent compaction.  Perlite also gives more air to the roots.  This mixture is a great choice for using in containers in which you are growing fruits or vegetables.  


Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix

The planting mix is not soil, per se, and should not be used as such.  It should be used to amend existing soil that needs a little love.  Consider mixing this with soil in your garden beds, raised beds, or even containers.  When planting trees, shrubs, annuals and/or perennials in the ground, amend the soil with the planting mix.  You should mix the existing soil in with the planting mix for the best results.  

Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure

All of the soil mixes contain some composted cow manure, but if you need more or want to use it as an additional amendment, this is a great choice.  Add to existing garden beds of raised beds to add nutrients to the soil.  Keep in mind that straight composted cow manure can get pretty compacted, so use sparingly, especially in containers.  


That’s our scoop on dirt, y’all.  But don’t take it lightly 🙂  The soil you chose to plant your plants in is critical to the plants’ happiness and survival.  Fertilizer is pretty important too, but that is for another day.  Happy planting, friends!