Guide to Gifting Houseplants

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We’re getting closer to Christmas and your plant-loving friend cannot stop talking about wanting another plant, but not knowing what to get. You’d love to gift a houseplant, but how do you choose?

When choosing a plant for someone else, take lifestyle into consideration. Need non-toxic plants safe for pets? Chronically forgetful, so needs a plant that can withstand missed watering? Obsessed with taking care of plants and needs a new challenge, like a rare plant? Whatever the situation, we’re here with some recommendations for the perfect giftable plants.

Pet-Friendly Plants

  • Christmas Cactus ($10.99-38.99)
  • African Violets ($7.99-16.99)
  • Peperomia ($3.99-64.99)
  • Tillandsia, aka Air Plants ($3.99-53.99)
  • Bird’s Nest Fern ($9.99-39.99)

Easy Care Plants (Infrequent Watering)

  • Snake Plant ($6.99-164.99)
  • ZZ Plant ($14.99-184.99)
  • Pothos ($9.99-195.99)
  • Succulents ($3.99-68.99)
  • Lithops ($7.99)

Plants For Your Sunniest Spots

  • String of Pearls ($9.99-36.99)
  • Jade Plant ($4.99-29.99)
  • Aloe Vera ($7.99-35.99)
  • Croton ($7.99-59.99)
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig ($9.99-229.99)

Plants For Your Indirect Sunlit Areas

  • Bromeliad ($13.99-58.99)
  • Maidenhair Fern ($7.99-38.99)
  • Peace Lily ($7.99-49.99)
  • Monstera Deliciosa ($14.99-36.99)
  • Aglaonema Silver Queen ($11.99)

Rare Plants

  • Philodendron Mamei ($72.99-134.99)
  • Philodendron White Wizard ($62.99)
  • Philodendron Pink Princess ($49.99-194.99)
  • Monstera Dubia ($99.99)
  • Syngonium Three Kings ($134.99)

When in doubt, go with a Pothos. They’re extremely easy-care, capable of tolerating underwatering and all levels of light. They look amazing on an office desk or a bookshelf, and there are tons of varieties to choose from. Don’t forget to pair it with a piece of pottery!

Happy gifting!

*Prices listed published December 2022 and may vary.