You Need More Green!

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Think about how much time you spend indoors or in a vehicle.  No, really. Think about it. I’ll give you a minute.

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans hardly ever go outside?  That is a 25% of the population, people!  Sitting inside. ALL the time. And even if we don’t fall into that category, most of us spend 90% of our time indoors.  WOWzas! That is a LOT!  More people are even working from home these days.  Work-from-home jobs have increased by 115% since 2005.  The number of people working from home has increased 40% in the past five years!!  With all of the ways our society is changing (hello, have you heard of Amazon NOW?!), we are increasingly making leaving our homes an option rather than a necessity. That time spent indoors is not just due to our jobs, however.  We also spend much of our leisure time inside…kids, too! You might be thinking, So what?! The outdoors make me sneeze, burn, itch…the list goes on.  Here’s the thing- the air that we breathe inside is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air we breathe outside.  Sure, we use air filters, but that can’t keep all the pollutants out.  So what is a person to do? 

Get Your Green On

  1. Spend more time outside!! If you need a spot to do it, well, we have you covered.  You can walk around our Garden Center and property for hours. Enjoy all of the lovely plants, then take a walk over and feed our alpaca and goats.  Then have a picnic by our pond. We would love for you to spend your outdoor time around here!
  2. Improve the air quality of your home with houseplants!  Many houseplants remove toxins and/or add oxygen to the air in your home.  Win, win!  If you want more reasons, we wrote all about how houseplants benefit your health.  
  3. Open your windows more often and let in the fresh air!  
  4. Keep your home as clean as possible.  
  5. Avoid burning candles.  They might small lovely, but they emit candle soot into the air, which is not good for your lungs (or your walls).  
  6. Don’t use artificial fragrances.  We know you love your smell-good products, but many of them contain ingredients that just aren’t good for your health.  Consider using natural options instead, like essential oils (your Young Living and DoTerra dealing friends will be delighted to tell you everything you need (and don’t) to know about them).

I know what you are thinking…the purpose of this blog post is really to get me to come to FGS and spend more time outside.  Well, you have me figured out. Sort of. It is also about how you can bring green INTO your home to make that indoor time healthier.  Mostly, we want you to be able to be the best that you can be. And we would love to help you do that by providing a beautiful place to spend time outside and by selling you amazing houseplants to fill your home with!  Your quality of life inside your home and outside matter.  And we really do care, friends!