Today in Bloom…

Perennials| Spring Gardening

Spring has officially sprung and the garden center is looking colorful again. Get inspired by a few of our favorite perennials in bloom right now:

Iberis sempervirens – Candytuft

This low growing evergreen looks great all year! The leaves are evergreen and it spreads densely but not aggressively. In spring, it’s covered with white flowers. Grow it in sun or part sun in well-drained soil.


Helleborus – Lenten Rose

The variation in Lenten rose petals is amazing and collecting them is something of a cult. We like to carry a wide variety because they are so unique. They will spread over time and cross with each other, creating even more variety in your garden. The leaves are evergreen and the flowers really brighten up a late winter day. Grow them in shade or part shade.

Papaver nudicaule – Icelandic Poppy

Icelandic Poppy (interestingly actually not native to Iceland) is grown in the South as a short-lived perennial or biennial. It will self-seed if you let it, which is recommended since the plant itself is short-lived. It blooms in early spring in bright colors. Very cheer. It loves full sun, and well drained soil.

Aquilegia – Columbine

Columbine is another great perennial that looks great in a naturalistic, woodland garden. It likes part shade. We carry several different cultivars this year: pale pink, bright pink with a white center, and red and white.


Thermopsis chinensis – False Lupine

This dwarf lupine-lookalike is a very sunny sight in bloom with its pale yellow flowers. Its habit is bushy and compact, but only reaches 1 ½ ft tall. It looks great in perennial beds or meadow-like plantings. Butterflies love it. For full sun.


Armeria maritima – Sea Thrift

Another low groundcover that is not too common around here because it needs very well drained soil. Native to coastal regions of North America and Europe, it can tolerate very dry and poor soil. Make sure you amend your soil well if you have clay so it drains. The foliage is pale and grass-like, and the flowers look like pink pom-poms hovering over the leaves on thin stems.