Summer Watering Tips

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It happened. Summer came and it is hot, hot, hot. So we are here to give you some tips on watering your plants and making sure they stay healthy and thrive!  Plants need more water in the summer than in any other season, especially during summer dry spells!

Tip #1

Keep an eye on your plants.  And by plants, we mean one particular one.  Your “indicator” plant.  This is typically your first plant to show signs of wilting.  When you see that indicator struggling, it’s time to dig in.  Most likely, all your plants need water!

Tip #2

You are going to want to hand water with a hose or engage your drip irrigation system.  Better yet, a combination of both isn’t a bad idea.  By doing this, you can avoid overhead watering which wets the leaves of the plant (this invites disease) and make sure the water is hitting the soil and the roots.

Tip #3

You are going to want to do the majority of your watering in the morning or evening when the water is less likely to evaporate and not hinder your plants from all the water they need to do best.

Tip #4

Mulch is key in beds because it acts like a shade cloth to avoid baking the soil and avoid you having to water more often.  Two to three inches of mulch is best.


Obviously every plant and person’s yard conditions are different, but these tips might help you get started to having healthy plants and a beautiful yard!  We are always a call away to walk you through any questions you may have.  Happy Watering!