Spring Container Gardens

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With all the warm weather we’ve been experiencing, I’m sure you’re aching for spring flowers and color like we are. Finally, it is time to fill our shelves with bright annuals and lush perennials! Whether you have a shady porch, or sunny patio, there are annuals to brighten up your space. Containers are great because they can be moved and changed out frequently with the season, so you always have a stunning centerpiece at your entrance or in your outdoor living area. Here are a few ideas for early spring container gardens to try this year. We have everything you need to create these containers in our retail shop!

Quantities are based on using a 12” container.

 Ranunculus in the Sun

Bold colors celebrate the returning warmth of spring.  This container garden combo will do best in a sunny or part sunny spot on your patio.

-1 orange Ranunculus

-1 yellow Sedge

-1 Creeping Jenny

-4 purple and orange Pansies



 Pretty in Pink

Soft colors for a partly shady area that gets about 4 hours of sun each day. For the romantic!

-1 pink Osteospermum

-1 Fern

-1 Blackbird Euphorbia

-2 pink-red trailing Pansies

-1 purple Heuchera


Get inspired and try your own combinations! If you are new to arranging container gardens, the phrase: “thrill, fill, and spill” is helpful to remember when selecting plants. Thrillers are typically taller plants in the container – consider it the centerpiece. They catch your eye for their color, foliage, or texture and are often architectural. Fillers fill the space around the thrillers, and should be shorter plants. Spillers cascade over the sides of the container and soften the whole look. Make sure you have all three to create a balanced container.

We’d love to see your own containers for fresh ideas! Don’t be afraid to tag us with your photo on Instagram or Facebook – use hashtag #fgsnursery.