Spring comes Early

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The Callery Pear is blooming in the garden center and the Weeping Willow is leafing out by the pond. It’s only February but the plant world has decided it’s spring apparently. Per North Carolina inevitability, it will probably skip back to winter again and freeze all the blossoms, so go with the flow, as they say, and enjoy the flowers while you can!

We have some beautiful Okame Cherries for sale that are in full bloom. That’s the pink flowering tree you’re seeing all over town right now and one of the showstoppers at the National Cherry Blossom Festival (usually end of March – mid April) in Washington D.C.

Okame Cherries make great ornamental trees for the home landscape if you have some space. They’re not picky about soil and do well in our North Carolina clay. Grow them in sun or part sun. You’ll be rewarded with a profusion of pink flowers in March (or February). Afterwards, the birds will enjoy the small fruit so it’s a great addition to your wildlife garden as well.