There is probably an area around your house you wish you could just cover up so you didn’t have to look at it…an air conditioning unit, electrical boxes, or trash cans. The good news is you can cover that area or at least make it less noticeable with the right shrub.  I checked with our designer, Doug, and he shared his favorites. If you want a shrub that will provide coverage all year long and is pretty easy to trim and manage, these are what he suggests:

Loropetalum Chinense ‘Ruby’

If you are looking for a little charisma in your landscape, Loropetalum Chinense ‘Ruby’ is an excellent choice.  It can grow as tall and wide as 8’ x 8’, but it reaches its full maturity at just 5 feet. It does best in sun or part-shade.  Dark-pink fringe-like blooms grace the branches in spring. The leaves turn ruby red in spring and then mature to a deep burgundy in the fall.  If you need a longer or larger area screened, the ‘Ruby’ does great in a border. It will also do surprisingly well in a container!

Japanese Privet

The Japanese Privet is a thick, dense evergreen that has pointed leaves with slightly rolled or whorled edges.  Although it can grow 6’-12’ tall, it also does really well if you want to keep it shorter. It bounces back even after a severe pruning.  You can use the Japanese Privet as a hedge or as an ornamental shrub. It will do best in sun to part-shade and is pretty drought-tolerant (Although that may seem laughable at this point, our area can be prone to drought in case you forgot!).  The Japanese Privet has white blooms in the summer and fruits dark blue berries that attract birds!

‘Emerald Heights’ Evergreen Distylium

Dense and compact, the Emerald Heights Evergreen Distylium is great for screening, borders, hedges, or even mass plantings.  It blooms red flowers in the late winter, early spring, and adds coveted color to your landscape during typically dreary months.  It grows about 5’ tall and 5’ wide. Like the other shrubs in this list, it can be easily pruned and its shaped maintained without a lot of work.  It also does well in sun to part-shade and is deer-resistant.

Chindo Viburnum

Chindo Viburnum is a perfect choice if you need screening fast! It grows quickly into a pyramid-shaped specimen with medium-dark leaves.  New growth will sometimes have a reddish-tinge. Its foliage is dense and shiny, and it can grow up to 12’ tall and 8’ wide! It can also be easily maintained and pruned to smaller size if you don’t want it that large.  Once established, it is resistant to drought. Chindo Viburnum doesn’t like wet soil, but otherwise can tolerate most any soil type. Plant it where it receives full sun to part-shade. The fragrant white flowers in the summer will delight you, and the red berries in the summer add to this shrub’s appeal.  

We will have all of these in stock over the spring, so come by soon and bring home green to screen!  Happy planting, friends!