Perennials for Pollinators: Attract Bees and Butterflies to your Garden


Grow these perennial flowers to attract pollinators to your home garden! Remember, the most important step is to provide nectar-rich sources of food throughout the growing season. Make sure you include food sources for larvae if you’re attracting butterflies (name listed with a * below)


Spring Perennials for Pollinators

Growing plants that bloom early in spring  is essential for bees awakening from hibernation when temperatures begin to warm.

 Crocus and other spring bulbs (Hyacinth, Narcissus)


 Hellebore / Lenten Rose

 Baptisia*, Ornamental Grasses*

Summer Perennials for Pollinators

If you have space, plant perennials in groups to help bees find your flowers – studies show that honeybees need a solid four foot block of the same plant to be able to recognize it when flying by.

 Anise Hyssop

 Bee Balm



 Blazing Star / Gayflower




Fall Perennials for Pollinators

As bees and butterflies get ready to hibernate or migrate, nectar flow in late fall is vital for storing energy.


 Helenium / Sneezeweed

 Joe Pye Weed



Enjoy the butterflies and bees in your garden!