November Lawn and Garden Reminders

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What?! It is November already?  Yep! And you know what that means. The holidays are just around the corner.  Around here, we couldn’t be more excited, and we are doing all that we can to get ready.  Chances are, you probably are, too. We want to make sure you don’t forget to prepare your green spaces, too!  We know you desire your lawn and garden to look amazing for your holiday guests.


  • Have you planted your trees and shrubs yet?  Yes, you still have time to install shrubs and trees!   We featured some awesome shrubs in our newsletter this week.
    • If you have planted your trees and shrubs, make sure to keep watering them if it is dry.
  • Finish planting any spring-flowering bulbs.
  • Have you replanted your containers with fall and winter friendly plants?  Last week’s post has many suggestions of plants to use in containers with the fill, thrill, spill technique.


  • Once we’ve had a hard frost, it’s time to cut back and put to bed your perennials.  We will be posting on how to do that best soon, so stay tuned!
  • When you cut holiday greenery for decoration, remember to cut above a bud or side branch.  (And don’t cut too much!)

Lawn Love

  • Make sure you continue to water newly growing grass (after your fall seeding and aerating).
  • Mow your lawns as needed.  Keep in mind Bermuda and Zoysia go dormant this month.
  • Keep leaves off the grass!  Compost the leaves, or if your area has a collection service, blow the leaves to the curb. Some homeowners prefer to bag their leaves.  Not sure if you area collects leaves? We found that these local areas do:

Holiday Prep

We will have Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias and other holiday gifts starting Wednesday, November 16, 2020 for you early birds.  Follow us on Social Media or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

Enjoy a month of lighter outside duties and turn your attention to all the good things that occur with this season! Happy November, friends!