Landscaping: Why It’s Worth It

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Landscaping or hardscaping your home has multiple benefits and rewards.  For one, it makes your space much more beautiful and enjoyable.   Whether you are just improving the appearance of your front and/or back yard, or having an outdoor living area built, you, your family and your friends can reap the benefits of enjoying that outdoor space.  If you are considering selling your home, landscaping and hardscaping can make a huge difference in the marketability of your home.  A house that looks amazing inside and out can help you get the highest price for your home.  There are two main factors that come into play with landscaping when you are selling your home:  curb appeal and outdoor living space.  Our landscaping team can make both happen for you.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is what sets your home apart from other homes.  Tracy Hoggard, of The Hoggard Real Estate Group, says when it comes to selling your home, the old cliché, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” could not be truer.  When people are browsing sites, or even driving through neighborhoods, the first thing that will draw their eye will be the  outside appearance of the home.  The landscaping of the lawn plays a significant role in curb appeal.  People are looking for factors such as a beautiful lawn, manicured shrubs, color from annuals or perennials, mulching, edging, etc.  If you have a yard that is unappealing, many times that impression immediately translates to the inside as well.   On the other hand, a beautifully landscaped home suggests the inside will be beautiful as well.

Whether you have a small or a large yard, our experienced landscaping team can make changes to make your outdoor space beautiful and desirable.  They can flatten hilly areas or raise areas that are too low-lying.  Have drainage issues? We can provide solutions for you.  Check out some of the pictures of homes where our landscaping team has changed the curb appeal of a home from “meh” to “YEAH!”


You can see from this picture, this home owner cared about the curb appeal of their home before they invited us in, but there was not much unity among the planted areas, there was a drainage problem, adn the bed spaces were not well-defined.


The stone edging and expanded beds help to unify the front yard.  The carefully selected plants soften and add more interest to the home.  The small dry creek bed allows wanted to freely pass through the bed without washing the mulch away.

Outdoor Living Space

Almost everyone enjoys spending time outdoors, grilling or just hanging out with friends.  Having an outdoor living space makes that time so much more memorable.  If you are selling your home, an outdoor living space can be a huge factor in influencing a potential buyer’s decision to view or buy the home.  According to Hoggard, having a beautiful patio or a fire pit could be what tips the scales in your favor if someone is weighing the choice between your home and another.  A beautiful outdoor living space increases the desirability of the home.  Check out these outdoor living spaces that our team has created:


The owners wanted to make this space more inviting and practical.


Check out the transformation! The patio created a designated and comfortable seating area.  The paver walkway is practical and pleasing to the eye.  The perfectly placed tree will offer more privacy in the years to come.

You may be thinking, “I am not in the market to sell my home, so what does this have to do with me?”  While you may not be in the market to sell now, who knows what your future may hold?  Why not go ahead and create that amazing outdoor living space so you can enjoy it long before anyone else can?  And landscaping your property to make it more enjoyable for you, your family and neighbors is always a win for everyone.  We would love the privilege to design a beautiful landscape and/or outdoor living space with how you live specifically in mind.  If you are interested in that possibility, we would love to talk with you.  Our Landscape Division Team would be happy to discuss your goals and desires, schedule an onsite appointment and design your dream.  Head over to our Landscaping Overview page and request an estimate.