We are nearly halfway through the year!  Find that hard to believe?  We do, too!  But here we are and we have a few reminders for caring for your outdoor spaces in June.

For Gardens Sake Landscape Work


  • Cut back greenery of your bulb flowers (daffodils, tulips, etc.) that have turned yellow.
    • Remember a couple months ago when we told you NOT to cut back those greens?!  We promise your patience will be worth it.  Now feel free to trim away!
  • Dead head annuals.
    • If you dead head the annuals and perennials that you have, it will promote more growth and blooms.  It will also prevent them from seeding–which tells your plant that it is time to stop blooming.  You know you don’t want that to happen yet!
  • Prune dieback on hybrid rhododendron, azalea, mountain laurel and blueberry.
  • Prune narrowleaf evergreens like juniper and arborvitae.
  • Prune bigleaf or florist hydrangea when the flowers have faded.
  • Trim hedges as needed.
  • In late June, trim new growth on white pine.
  • Look for plant sales!  A lot of plants go on sale in June.  Add more color to your garden and save money!
    • When planting perennials at this time of year, make sure the plant and the ground are watered well before planting.  Keep an eye on young plants in this summer heat.  Show them some love and give them water, water, water!
  • As a general rule, plants need at least one inch of water a week.
  • Water early in the morning instead of the evening to prevent plant disease.  When temperatures get really hot, you may want to water twice a day.

Vegetable Gardens

  • Pull plants that have bolted (gone to seed) like lettuce or cilantro.  If you want to plant more lettuce, you need to do it in a shaded spot.  Lettuce does not like the heat.
  • Replace those plants with sun-loving plants like beans, lima beans, southern peas, pepper, sweet potato, pumpkin and tomato (see more about “late” garden planting in last week’s post).
  • When harvesting beans and peas, be gentle.  Use two hands so that you don’t brake stems and prevent further growth on that stem.
  • Consider covering berry bushes and fruit trees with nets to keep the birds or other critters from eating your harvest.
  • If you have strawberry plants, renovate the beds after you have finished harvesting the berries.
  • Fertilize vegetables that have been in the ground five to six weeks.

Lawn Care

  • Fertilize zoysia lawns this month.  DO NOT fertilize tall fescue or blue grass.
  • When you water your lawn, water deeply.  A deep watering will be much more beneficial than more frequent shallow watering.

Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the fruits of your spring labor! Happy summer, friends!