Hot Annuals for 2017

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What annuals are you going to try this summer? Every year there are new introductions and improved varieties. We’d love to share some of our favorite Hot Annuals for 2017. Trends over recent years continue to focus on long blooming, drought tolerant flowers – which we love.


 SWEET CAROLINE Bewitched after Moonlight

A brand new Proven Winners selection released in garden centers this spring! This is a great foliage plant with excellent deep purple color and heat tolerance. It can be grown in sun or shade, but color will be better in full sun. Use it in the landscape as an annual groundcover, or in containers as a spiller.



A compact form of Egyptian Papyrus developed by Proven Winners, this selection stays between 24”-30” tall and thus doesn’t flop. Tufts at the tops of stems are large. A fun foliage plant to give height and architectural interest to your containers!


 VERBENA Endurascape Pink

Here’s a new verbena that will bloom through the hottest days of summer. Bred by Monrovia, it’s hardy to zone 7 and can overwinter through low-teen temperatures, so is considered a perennial in North Carolina. Its compact habit makes it a great groundcover or container plant.

Powdery Mildew Resistant.


 PHLOX Intensia

A heat tolerant annual Phlox from Proven Winners that will bloom all summer to frost, no deadheading required! This Phlox is deer resistant and drought tolerant, and is available in three colors: Blueberry (Purple), Cabernet (pink) and White. Needs good drainage.



 DAHLIA Dahlightful Sultry Scarlet

Another Proven Winners beauty! This compact Dahlia has dark green to purple foliage and scarlet blooms. Plant it in the landscape or a container and let it bloom until frost with no need to deadhead spent blooms. It was bred to not form tubers so you’ll have to grow it as an annual.