It’s National Pollinator Month – Celebrate the Buzz-worthy Bunch at For Garden’s Sake!

June is National Pollinator Month, and we at For Garden’s Sake are buzzing with excitement to celebrate these incredible creatures. But before we dive into how you can attract them to your own backyard oasis, let’s get down to the basics: what exactly is a pollinator?

Imagine a tiny matchmaker for the plant world. That’s what a pollinator is! These busy bees (and butterflies, and hummingbirds, and even some bats!) flit from flower to flower, carrying pollen dust that helps plants reproduce. It’s like a super secret handshake in the plant kingdom, and it’s essential for all those delicious fruits, veggies, and beautiful blooms we love.

Here at For Garden’s Sake, we’re passionate about pollinators. That’s why we carry a fantastic selection of pollinator-friendly plants – perennials, annuals, and shrubs that are guaranteed to attract these buzzing benefactors.

Some of our favorite perennial pollinators are: Miss Huff Lantana, Bee Balm, and Verbena.

As for annual pollinators we love: Cuphea, Zinnia, and Pentas.

Lastly, our favorite shrub pollinators are: Butterfly Bush, Rose of Sharon, and Beauty Berry (which are also native).

Think vibrant butterfly bushes that flutter with colorful wings. Imagine hummingbirds zipping between fragrant honeysuckle vines. And picture happy bees gathering nectar from cheerful sunflowers. We have it all to create your own pollinator paradise!

So, how can you join the celebration? It’s easy! Stop by For Garden’s Sake, conveniently located just off NC Hwy 751, a breeze from Streets at Southpoint. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you pick the perfect pollinator-attracting plants for your garden.

Let’s work together to create a haven for these helpful heroes and ensure a thriving ecosystem for all. Remember, a healthy garden is a happy garden – especially when it’s buzzing with life!