Cleaning Your Houseplants

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It’s that time of year to do some reorganizing, decluttering, and deep cleaning.  We know you will likely take care of the usual–closets, junk drawers, under the bed–but there is one area we think you might overlook–your HOUSEPLANTS!  Yes, indeedy. From time to time, your houseplants need a deep cleaning as well. If you love your plants like you should, you likely remove dead leaves when you find them. And if you don’t do that, please start doing that now. Your plants will thank you.

Why clean your houseplants, you ask??  As your plants grow and thrive in your home, just like everything else, they will gather dust.  Dust on leaves will block some of the light they need to grow, and we don’t want that. Not at all.  You remember learning about photosynthesis in school, right?  Well, don’t forget that applies to houseplants, too.  They get the food that they need from the light they receive through their leaves and the water through their soil.  If the leaves are covered with dust, guess what?  They cannot absorb the light they need to survive and thrive.  

There are multiple ways to clean your houseplants that won’t take too much time.  You should do this at least once a month.  WHAT??? Yes.  Once a month.  You shower yourself.  Once a month for the other living things in your house isn’t too much to ask. 

Way #1

Using lukewarm water (not COLD!! or HOT!!) wash your houseplants carefully in the sink or the shower.  Make sure the stream is not too powerful so that you don’t damage the foliage. You can either let them drip dry or use a soft towel to dry off the leaves, especially if you don’t want spots.  And really, who wants spots?

Way #2

Use a soft, damp cloth and gingerly wipe each leaf while speaking kindly or softly singing if you like.  This will take patience and endurance, but we know you can do it.  Your plants are worth it. If you lack patience, go with Way #1. 

Way #3

If you don’t want to use water, you can use a soft cloth, soft bristled brush or duster to gently brush away dust (Check out this nifty tool).  Again, do your best to clean each and every leaf. Leave no leaf undusted.

Way #4 

If you want extra shiny houseplants, and you have a significant appetite or hankering for banana bread, consider using the inner side of a banana peel to clean your plants.  And no, we are not pulling your leg.  This is a legitimate way to clean your plants.  Don’t forget to compost the peels when you’re done!  And think of how wonderful your house will smell with the scent of banana bread while you shine your plants! Who knew?!

Spending this quality time with your plants will be good for you and them.  Easy-peasy.  Cleaning your houseplants is done.  Now grab a cold drink, sit back, and admire your shiny green beauties.