Japanese Flowering Apricot, Prunus Mume: Winter Bloomer in Durham

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What unpredictable weather we seem to be having in Durham and the surrounding Triangle area. Last weekend, it was snow and ice and this weekend we will see 60’s. During our recent ice fest, I watched someone step out of his truck to feed our goats on the property at our garden center and face plant on the ice. I won’t say that it was my husband and I witnessed it or that I laughed until I cried #humorinthegarden.

Flowering Apricot Tree

That said (insert snickering), I’m looking forward to the blooming of our Flowering Apricot trees! To highlight this small tree, it’s perfect for any lawn and landscape in Durham.  You might start noticing these in lawn and landscape in the Triangle.  The tree will often reach 25’ tall and wide which makes it very practical for smaller landscape in Cary and even more beautiful planted near a larger specimen like the mature landscape in Chapel Hill. It likes moist soil in sun to light shade. When deciduous trees are dormant, the Flowering Apricot brightens your winter garden anytime from late December to March. With its’ white to deep red-pink flowers blooming and interesting bark that changes with age, we love this tree. It even has a spicy clove scent when flowering! For Garden’s Sake Nursery in Durham will have these in stock and we are happy to help you with installation if needed. Watch for the bloom!

For more information on Flowering Apricot trees, visit the JC Raulston Arboretum website at https://jcra.ncsu.edu/ or take the time to see these trees up close and personal by visiting our garden center in Durham, the Arborertum or Duke Gardens.